August 1, 2011

I just want to give a shout out to an amazing woman!!!! She is like my second mother and I love her so much!!! Happy Birthday Ginny!!!!!

Last night was so great! Last night a group called Radio 4 Jesus came to the mission and in that group are two sweet men. I sat with them at dinner and we talked the whole time. These two men were very nice and I felt like I was gonna be able to get along with them quite well. 

God puts people in our lives and I know this group is a blessing because I was able to feel God working. I have had some times when I needed a pick me up; a good laugh, and last night God sent me some people who would do just that! They made me feel special and I didn’t feel like I was bombarding them with my talking. That’s a miracle in itself because I can drive people crazy with my talking, but they seemed to enjoy what I was talking about so I took that as; continue talking we are not bored to

Today I went to school and I was able to help Professora Alba with the bilingual secretaries this afternoon. I was happy I could help her and still be able to teach my kids in the morning. 
OH, but I got good news about today. I MADE EGGS THIS MORNING AND THEY WERE GOOD!!!! I got to go to the store!!!!!! I do have to say those two things were the highlights of my day. 

I feel bad that I can’t be with Ginny on her birthday, but I know she is having a great day! I will give her the biggest birthday hug ever when I get back!!!! God has blessed me by putting her in my life and I could not ask for a better (I adopted her as my second mom) mom than Ginny! She is always there for me no matter what. I know I can go to her about anything; the good, the bad, and the ugly. She will always be in my heart and I thank God for her!!! GINNY I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH AND I MISS YOU!!! 

Seek God’s blessings....Think about all the people in your life and think how blessed you are to have them! God blesses us everyday and even though it may not seem like it, He does. 
I know todays blog is not exciting, but sometimes simple is the way to 
I thank everyone who reads these blogs and just knowing I can share whats going on in my life to some amazing people is a blessing!

God bless,
~Chelsea Stacy~
8/2/2011 12:49:22 pm


I just setup my own weebly site.

I copied your header and just wanted to check if thats okay?

By the way I really do like the way you've set yours up, it's got so much more on it than mine. But it's a start :)

Sorry for resending this, I wasn't sure if you got it earlier and really wanna get confirmation that it's okay to use your header!



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