Well God did it again....He blessed me more than I could imagine when I thought there was no way I would make it through the day with something good happeneing. This morning I slep in till 11:15 am. I was determind to sleep as long as my body would let me. When I got up I read my bible and then I began to read a book by Karen Kingsbury. This book has been one that is hard to read emotionally, but it is too good to put down. Out of the four books I am on number 3 and I have only been reading this series for about 2 weeks.
After I finished reading for about 2 hours, I began to feel a deep pain in my heart. I wanted to see my family and go home... I did not think I could make it much longer because I felt so alone. I knew I needed to get into Gods word, and so I did. I read in Psalms and even though I could barely read the words through the tears in my eyes, I knew what I was reading was truth. I began to feel a little better but I still felt a great pain for my family. After I was done reading my bible; I grabbed my phone and called my mom. I wanted to hear her voice so bad that I could hardly stand it. When mom picked up the phone, she knew I had been crying. She asked me what was wrong and I could barely get the words out of my mouth. My mom talked to me and told me she was proud of me and it was ok to miss them. She reasured me that I was on the down hill slide and that I would be home in 3 weeks. My mom told me I had to change my mind set and enjoy the rest of my time here because when I leave I will miss all that is here. I knew my mom was right. I knew I had a lot to do over these next three weeks. Mom told me Satan was trying to keep me away from something great that God had for me today because I felt I could not leave my room. She told me that God has a blessing in-store for me and she can't wait to hear what it is! 
Well I am here to say, My Mom Was Right! After I got off the phone I decided that I would go outside and go to the mission. When I got to the front of the school, I went to go and sit in the cafateria for a little bit. I thought I might read a little more and then go to the mission. Not even 2 minutes later a girl who spoke English said hey to me and asked how I was. I figured it wouldn't hurt to go and talk to her a while so I went over to where she was sitting and I told her how I was missing home. We sat there and talked for a good while. She remembered me singing and giving my testimony in Church last week and she told me how beautiful my voice was and how much my testimony touched her. When I heard her say that, my mom's words came back to my mind. "Chelsea God's got a blessing for you that Satan is trying to take away." We began talking about my testimony and she told me how when she heard it she started crying. She told me how special I was and she said whenever I wanted to talk, she would love for me to talk to her. I was so excited. I told her how I felt lonely and I needed someone to talk to that understood me. She was so glad and she was excited that we were gonna be good friends. 
During our afternoon she kept telling me how special I was and she asked if I would like to play volleyball with her. When I told her yes, she seemed shocked. She was so happy that I wanted to play volleyball with her and made her excited because she was going to be able to play volleyball with her friend. I told her I was not good at playing volleyball, but when we started playing she just kept encouraging me and making me feel special. We played until she had to do her chores, and even after she left I continued to play with some other people who were playing with us. I started to see myslef having fun! I was even able to hit the ball over the net by time I was done playing. 
So, I want to say to my mom, you were right. God blessed me with a friend who spoke English, He gave me the courage to go out and play a sport I was horrible at, and I actually had fun! There is NO way I can argue the power of God. He truly does have a plan for me AND a purpose. I am excited to see what these next three weeks hold!-- 

God bless,
~Chelsea Stacy~
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