July 23rd, 2011

Today was the first day of the Fetia in San Marcos. In other words, today was the first day I have been stuck inside the High School gates. This morning the group I have spent the entire week with left to go home to the United States. It was very sad for me because I made so many great friends. 
One lady I met was named Carrie Ann and she was the sweetest Lady you will ever meet. She cares about everyone and she makes the days fun and exciting. Mrs. Carrie Ann came to Honduras with her two daughters who are studying to be teachers They came so they could help Mrs. Joan by teaching 3rd graders at the Grammar School and the Bilingual Secretaries at the High School. Mrs. Carrie Ann was so good with the kids here in the school. Back in the states she is a first grade teacher so she knew exactly what to do. I learned a lot from her this week and I am blessed that I got to work along side her and her daughters. 
There was another Lady that I met that was very sweet and kind. If I ever needed to talk, she was there ready to listen. She made me feel special, like I was someone important. I did not like seeing her go, but I know her grandkids were ready to have her back. 
 There was one guy in the group who made me smile every time he came around. His name is Frank, and even though he is up in his years, he is still a kid at heart. The last day the group was here, I took some of them out so they could do some last minute shopping. While we were out, Mr. Frank asked if on our way back we could stop by the ice cream shop. Even though it was getting dark, I was gonna stop by that ice cream shop just for him because he had been wanting to go there all week. Before Mr. Frank went to bed that night, he told me something that touched my heart. He told be I was an angel in disguise. When he said that, all I could do was smile and blush. There were no words to describe how much those words meant to me. 

I also want to share an strange thing God did last week. Now, I know that I told this story in the last blog, but some may not have read it and to me it was so important it bears repeating! There was a man here that I did no talk to much, but when we were in our way back from Church Wednesday night, we ended up talking a little bit about school and what I wanted to do once I got my degree. As I was telling him about how I may try to get a job at Mercy Ministries, his eyes lit up. He asked me if I knew about Mercy and I told him I attended Mercy 3 years ago in Nashville, TN. ( This is were the weird part comes in) As I was telling him this, he tells me his daughter attended Mercy in Nashville, TN 10 years ago. I was shocked at first because he knew what Mercy was and then because he had a daughter who went there. I thought it quite funny that I would meet this person in Honduras and I can’t even find anyone who even knows about Mercy in the states! I was blessed that night by being able to share my Testimony with this man and hear how his life has been changed because of his daughter going to Mercy. I was so excited that I probably talked 90 to nothing; sharing everything I could think of!

We never know who or what God will put in our path, but when He does, it is a true blessing! I had the best week last week because I saw God working everyday. I was excited everyday to see what He would do next. Now that I am by myself, I have got to remember that God still has a lot in-store for me, even though I am alone and I can’t speak Spanish. Some days are hard, but the Lord gives strength to those who ask for it. I would not be here right now if it was not for the Lord! He has given me the strength to fight the temptations that lurk around almost every corner. He has blessed me and reassured me that I AM where I need to be and this is where He wants me!

God bless,
~Chelsea Stacy~

Part two:

When I felt like the Lord was telling me to come to Honduras, I didn’t  know why, but it was a very strong feeling that I needed to go. I figured maybe I was just missing Honduras and my little brother Rene' so much. I felt I should go, but the reason I thought I was to go was wrong. I never really understood how someone could feel the Lord telling them to do something, but after being in Honduras for a month, I know that day that I felt I should go to Honduras. . . . . it was the Lord! I have no doubt that I was supposed to come here this summer. Everyday that I have been here, God has done something to bless my life. He has showed me things that I refused to see in the states. He has informed me WHY He brought me here. He brought me here so that I could learn to rely completely on Him.!

I did  not realize how much I relied on my mom and other people when I was at home. I was not looking to the Lord first. I spent most my time trying to seek what I wanted by going to other people, but I always seemed to get mad and upset when things did not go my way. I would finally go to God, but why did I wait till I couldn’t think of any other alternatives? I have had times here when I would be upset because I miss home and when I would sit and read my bible, I would feel better. I realized that if I went to the Lord first, I would not have to go through all the pain that I usually went through by trying to take care of things on my own and relying on other people to make me feel better. 

God has always been here for me! Why am I spending my time looking every where for someone to help me when He is all I need? God has always brought me peace! Every time I feel upset and I decide to go to His word, I become filled with a peace that no one else could give me. I would think about my mom and say she would give me peace if she was here! But, even at home, I am only able to be filled with complete peace when I seek the Lord and His word. 

The Lord has a great plan for me! He saved me from death when I was 14. He gave me the opportunity to go to Mercy so I could learn that the only way to healing is through Jesus Christ. The Lord has so many blessings in-store for His children. . . . . . .  don’t wait and let those blessings slip by! Act on the Lord’s commands, follow His laws and His plan for your life! The Lord uses your mistakes for good. . . . . but why take that detour when you could take a straight path that does not entitle as much pain and frustration.-- 

God bless,
~Chelsea Stacy~
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