ok.....ok.....I know I have not been on in a while, but I am back!!! Well I have to say the past couple of weeks have not been good for me....It was my own fault, but I am better now....I am finally deciding to choose a better attitude because the bad attitude was not helping me at all. The past few days, my family has seen glimpses of the Chelsea that was bitter and  angry....just like when I was in my eating disorder. It was hard for us to be around each other and I could not stand talking to my mom. I have realized that the way I acted was wrong. No one deserved the attitude I gave them. The Lord has blessed me so much and Satan has tried to steal all my blessings....but I am not going to let him....I have a peace in my heart...the Lord has taken my bitterness...and I am ready to be the real Chelsea!!! The loving, sweet, and funny Chelsea that everyone likes to be around!

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