A wise woman once told me I needed to look at the positives in life and stop focusing on the negatives. But sometimes that is easier said then done. In life we have decisions. We can choose to be happy, or we could choose to be sad. We could choose to be forgiving, or we can choose to stay mad. In everything we do, we have to make a choice. We can choose to make good choices, or we can choose to make bad ones; It's all up to you.

Let me give you an example of someone who chose to make good choices his entire life. This man was born in a barn. He spent His first night on earth laying in a feed trough. ( Not where I would want to lay ) As this man grew up, He was mocked because of His faith. He spent days being tempted by Satan and the people around Him, but He never gave in. He knew He must make good choices and by His good choices we were able to find freedom. 

You probably know who I am talking about. I am talking about Jesus Christ. Jesus had to make a lot of hard decisions that we would have turnd and ran from. He knew the choices He made were for God's glory and He spent His years knowing that one day He would be put to death because of His choices.
But now lets think, what if God chose to make bad and wrong decisions because He thought the good and right ones were to hard. If Jesus chose to not follow God then we would be doomed. We would all die and go to Hell because we would not have had Christ to die for our sins. We would not have the Bible because the Bible is Truth of how God does not lie and His ways are perfect. It tells us how much God loves us and how He wont leave us. If Jesus did not live His life completly for God, how would we be able to trust and believe Him. 

It is the same with each and everyone of us.... God has something great instore for us, but we have to make the right choices..we have to choose to follow God in all we do! Just think how much greater life would be if we all chose to let God take control! Yeah sometimes it's not easy, but at least the outcome would be so much better! And remember, God is always by our side...We just got to seek Him and go to Him...Read our word and conversate with Him. He is our best friend....We can talk to Him like we do everyone else. He loves us and will listen to whatever we have to say...even though He already knows what we are thinking..lol
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