August 9, 2011

These past few days have been amazing. I have not been able to write because I have been really busy, but I can tell you, it was worth it!
Saturday I went with the group, Visions 4 Jesus, to go and share the Gospel. While we were out visiting houses, we came across one house where there was a brother and sister who were lost, but their Father had Christ in his life. While we were sharing with them, we started to see them looking at each other because they seemed confused and didn’t know what to do. When we confronted them, the boy told us he wanted to go into the military and he was afraid if he accepted Christ, he would not be able to defend his country if it came to the point where he had to kill someone. After we explained to him about the difference between murder and defending your country and family, we asked his sister what was holding her back. She told us she was scared because Satan likes to tempt her. When Brandon was talking to her about temptation, I felt the Lord saying, “ Chelsea, go and talk to this girl. You can connect with her because you can connect with her in a way the guys can’t.” Once I searched my heart and knew what I should say, I asked our team leader if I could talk to her. When he told me yes, I began pouring my heart out to her. I told her about my past and how I thought my ways were better; how I gave into the temptations and I did not ask for God’s help. I shared how those four years were horrible and once I asked for God’s help, I was able to break free from the sin and shame that held me back. I shared that with Christ we can find strength, but only if we ask. I told her the truth; that God has an amazing plan for her and I hope she does not have to go through the pain and torture I did to find out what that plan is. Once we were done explaining God's truths to them, both the brother and sister accepted Christ. God did a miracle and I saw a difference in those kids from the time we arrived to the time we left! They looked like they had a burden lifted off their shoulders. I was so blessed to be their to witness that miracle!

Sunday another miracle happened. It was a miracle that happened in me! When we were going to different houses to share the gospel, Alfraido and I met the sweetest lady in the world. She was a great woman of Faith. If I had just an inkling of her faith, I would be the happiest person ever!  While we were there, I saw a light in this woman’s eyes that most people only dream of. It was a light that was so full of peace. This woman lived by herself with nothing. She told us that at times she may not have anything to eat, but she would pray to the Lord and trust in Him because she knew the Lord would provide. Her whole life was built on Faith and I was so impressed! I did not want to leave and I wanted to continue sitting there talking with the wonderful lady, but I could not stay forever. Before we left, she gave us each a flower. They were the best in her garden and they were beautiful!! Even though this woman was old and a lot of people think that people her age have nothing to give, SHE DID!!!!! She had the most beautiful spirit! I hope I can be like her when I am her age and that I will be able to have the faith that she has! 

August 9th will go down in my memory as a day I will never forget! Today I had to say goodbye to all the friends I have made these past two months. I wanted to cry but the tears just wouldn’t fall. One of my best friends, Osman, took me to the park and we walked around talking and taking pictures. He was teaching me Spanish by pointing to objects and making me read different things. After we went to the park, Osman and I went to the market to get gifts for my family and friends back home. He would not let me carry anything because he insisted he carry it. He was quite a gentleman! Osman even took me to a spot were I could see all of San Marcos. It was the most beautiful view and I was so glad I got to see it before I had to go back home. God blessed me with a great friend and I am thankful I got to spend my last two days hanging out with him!
Tonight as I headed to the mission, Stephany invited me to go with her to a contest at the school. I didn’t know if I was gonna go, but Stephany demanded I go since it was my last time.  I am sure glad Stephany made me go because tonight as I walked into the cafeteria, I saw all these people gathered around. As I walked down the steps, I realized this was a party and when the girls came towards me with hugs and I saw a pinata with my name on it, I knew it was a goodbye party for me. I was shocked! I had no idea they were gonna throw me a party! I was so glad I got to see all my friends and have some final laughs before I left. I even had some girls who I didn’t think liked me come up to me and tell me they loved me and would miss me. They all wanted me to come back soon. 
As much as I wanted the tears to fall, they just wouldn’t. Having to say goodbye to all these special people is one of the hardest things I have had to do. I wish I could pack everyone in my suitcase and bring them home with me. My life has been forever changed, and I thank the Lord for allowing me to come to Honduras so I could meet all these amazing people and be able to recognize all of the many blessings He has placed in my life! 
 My mom told me great things would happen in my last week and well, she was right. I got to learn how to share the gospel. I was able to make more friends and help with the Bilingual Secretaries. I learned to wash my clothes by hand, (video to come) and I got to see how great life can be, even with a language barrier. I made so many friends without being able to speak fluent Spanish and vice versa. God has helped us communicate, and by Him doing that, I have made some friends that will be in my heart for the rest of my life!

God bless,
~Chelsea Stacy~

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