Some Days seem long... You don't know what to do or where to turn. I have had many of those days. I would always dwell on the negative of my day instead of focusing on the positive things I could be doing. Now there are days when I try to do positive, but it ends up twisting around into something negative. But I have to remember... I am the one making it negative.... It's my choice. I cant say I always follow that advise because if I did I would be lying, but I can say I wish I would because it would help me out immensely. Yes we are all human, but we are also all children of God and I know he wants us to have a positive attitude.... Even in the negative times. I read a scripture this morning, Philippians 2:14
Do everything without complaining or arguing.
Now if you're like me, that verse is hard to follow... But the fact is, that verse tells us the truth. We should do everything without complaining or arguing. Just look at Jesus; He faced ridicule, pain, torture, but never complained or argued. We are to be like Christ. We must not let our mind take control of our actions and thoughts. The Lord is our strength... He is always with us and it is our choice to obey Him and His teachings. We must surrender our worldly flesh everyday because once will not be enough. We must be willing to follow Christ's commands and give up the things that hold us in the negative; that way we can rest in the positive!
5/22/2011 02:26:05 am

Like I said, you are inspiring!!! Amazing


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