August 18th

          Today I got to meet some new amazing people. After we had our morning seminars, we got to go and meet the people who are taking the same major as us. We had about 29 freshmen who want to major in counseling and I think that is great because everyone can use some counseling…lol

          After I got to meet some of the people I will be having classes with and I got  to talk with my advisor, I got to go on a hike to Little Falls. There was a group going and I wanted to be able to meet some of my fellow students, so I went. We had a great time! I got to meet some really cool people and I even had to sing because one of the music majors was too chicken to sing without someone else going first. I guess he thought no one would go, but I guess he does not know me very well…lol I like to sing any chance I get…Well, most times.

          God has been doing amazing things in my life and even thought Satan is trying to attack, God is giving me the tools to defeat him. The past two days I have been surrounded by a lot of pretty girls and people who run and in my mind they are so much prettier, thinner, and well, all around better than me. These are some pretty torturous thoughts, but they are the ones that have been creeping in my head.

          God has me here at Toccoa for a reason and Satan is trying to steal away or delay the plan God has for me. I don’t want to let Satan take away my life again because I know all Satan does is lie and all Jesus does is tell me the truth. God tells me I am beautiful and I am made in His image. I should not have to worry if I think another girl is prettier than me because I am made like Christ wants me to be. Even though I may not be a runner, God gave me other things I can do and He made me unique. I love to wakeboard, hike, sing, walk, these are all great things. I don’t have to be like everyone else. I am me, I am Chelsea. There is no such thing as perfect except for Jesus Christ and we must seek Him and His word so we can find the true things about life instead of the lies Satan is trying to encompass our minds with.

          Life may not be a bowl of cherries some times, but with Christ we can make it through. I would me a total mess if I did not have Christ in my life….Well, actually I would probably be dead, but you all know that story. I am blessed and I will say that loud and proud!!! I am BLESSED!!!!!!

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