Yesterday I saw God working in the most unussual way. I was headed to church in Choloteca with the group here from the US. I was sitting between two older gentlemen and I felt a little bit out of place. We did not talk much, but the little bit we did talk didn't come till we were almost at the Church.

After we left the church, I sat in the same spot on the bus next to one of the older men I was sitting next to earlier. I really did not know this man, but God decided that was gonna change! While we were headed back to the mission, this gentleman began to continue the conversation that we had left hanging earlier on the bus.
He asked me what school I was going to and what I would be studying. He then asked me what I planed to do after school and at that moment, God did an amazing thing! I was telling the man I may go and try to get a job at Mercy Ministries and he looked at me and told me his younger daughter went to Mercy about 10 years ago. When I told him I went to Mercy 3 years ago we began to connect. We talked the whole way home. I was able to share things about Mercy and my experiences there and then he shared with me about how Mercy was a blessing in His families life. To say it is a small world is an understatement!

It was so great that I got meet and talk with this man. I almost didn't go that night, but God knew what was going to happen and that it was exactly what I needed. He blessed me with so much that night! I did not ever think I would meet someone here who knew about Mercy, but God allowed us to cross paths in Honduras for a reason. It gave me a chance to talk about all the Great things God has done for me both during my time there and after leaving Mercy, with someone who knew what I was talking about. Mercy is the place where I learned that I could only find healing in Christ! The one thing is come away from in this is that God is in control, He loves His children, and He works in ways that boggle my mind!

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THX for info

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