Life is hard. When we think everything is going great, something happens that changes everything. I was hurt when the person I loved dumped me. I felt he was the one God had for me because he was all I prayed for. The night he broke the news to me, I fell. I could not believe I was awake. I hoped I was just having a really bad dream, but i was not. I was awake and my world had crashed all around me. This was about two weeks ago and God has been my comfort. He had showed me that I was not giving Him the attention He deserved. He also gave me the wisdom on what I need to do the next time I get into a relationship. God has showed me where I was supposed to go to college and what I was supposed to do for the summer. I listened and trusted God and He sure did bless me. God provided me the opportunity to go to an amazing place this summer. I did not know how I was going to afford it, but I trusted in God and He provided a way. I am going to Honduras for two months this summer and I am so excited. God has also gave me some amazing friends through this tough time in my life. He blessed me beyond measure. Now I wont lie to you, I am still angry at what happened because I am still hurting, but God knows I deserve so much more than what I had. Satan is trying to take over just like he did when I had my eating disorder, but I will not let Satan take my life again. I still try to share my feelings with people because I have learned if you keep them in, then you will suffer and grow bitter. I have done that and it does not feel good. God placed people in my life for a reason and I am so glad He did. My Heavenly Father loves me more than I can imagine and I am truly thankful!
Marlene Severson
3/31/2011 05:32:00 am

Dearest Chelsea, God loves you keep the faith and let God show you a wonderful life you are full of love and you deserve the best please don't be a stranger and believe me I know what you must have gone through and I'm so very sorry you had to experience the pain ( I know that pain) God got me through it and I have my own testomony like you.. You are doing the right thing by putting your faith in God, let him show you the way ( Be happy and continue to shine...


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