well it has been a rough couple of days without the internet, but everything else has been going great. Last night was a good night. I got to spend the night with my sister and she had me bleach her hair so she could put pink streaks in it; to bad it didn't take.... I also had a great time Saturday evening because my best friend came to spend the night and I got to see my other mother and father...Ginny and Danny...(I adopted them).  They were celebrating a birthday and I got to come and hang out with them and meet some new people and enjoy some nice company. Sunday was pretty good for the most part. I got to see my cousin who is stationed on Canada, but the happiness ended when we had to go to a funeral viewing for someone my family knew and loved. Today I am going to have a positive attitude and I am going to go and see my dear friend Granny. I will be staying with her a while and then tonight I will go home and spend some time with the most amazing woman in the world, my mom. I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life and I can't wait to see what else God has in-store for me! I hope everyone has a blessed day and I will try to write some more when we are able to get internet again. 

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