Yesterday was such a wonderful daty!!! I got to sleep in and my grandfather made everyone breakfast...We even went to Toccoa Falls College so my grandparents could see the school...We had a blast. While at the school, my Meme noticed a building called Bandy Hall. She was so shocked because that is her maiden name. When we went to the water fall, meme's mouth dropped...She thought it was so beautiful, and she is right, it was!! After going back to Toccoa Falls yesterday, I really got to see how beautiful it was and how great it will be when I attend there in the Fall....Last month I was determined I would be going to Atlanta Christan College, but after meeting with the Counselling Professor at TFC, I knew I had a tough decision to make...But God made my decision clear to me and I believe I am making the right choice by choosing to go to Toccoa Falls. God has given me confirmation after confirmation...Even down to meeting some of the teachers in the counselling department at a play in Franklin, NC. God is amazing and He has opened my eyes to see the wonderful things He has for me. I am excited about what God is gonna do in my life and I am looking forward to the great adventures He has planned for me!
P.S. The picture below is a picture of Toccoa Falls that I took yesterday.

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