What a beautiful day it is here in the mountains. I am able to feel peace and calmness. All the stresses of life have blown away in the wind. In our lives we allow the world to overtake us. We get so caught up in our busy schedules, we ignore the great things God is doing in our lives and the beauty of his creation. I am guilty of putting God aside because I think I am too busy to sit down and read my bible or pray....But the truth is, spending time with God is more important than anything I have planned to do. Sometimes I think, well..... I have to go to the store because there is a really great sale and I don't want to miss it or I have to eat because I am starving and I am sure God can wait till I am done. Have you ever thought about what you could miss if you don't read your bible, you may miss something great He is trying to show you. Something that could change your life, but you decided to go to the store instead because you might miss a great sell. How about thinking of God's word as food. In our minds, we can't live without food... we HAVE TO eat or we will starve. Well God's word is food. When we go without reading our bible, we become spiritually anorexic We get ill because we lack the great words of our Heavenly Father. I have experimented with reading my bible to see what difference it made in my day. I would read my bible first thing in the morning one day and the next I would not, I did this several times.....You know what the result was? The days I started my day out with God's word, I had peace and a positive attitude. The days I skipped reading my bible I was ill, negative, and angry. Every day that I don't read my bible I feel it is the worst day of my life. The sad part is I still struggle with picking up my bible and reading it every day, even though I know that by reading my bible I have a better day. The drive to pick up your bible instead of shopping or eating food is hard, but we have to be disciplined in it. Christ went through so much in His life but He always stayed in prayer and He was always sharing God's word with those around Him. He made it through everything that came His way...Even when He came around people who hated Him, He did not stop spending time with God. Another person who would not stop praising God was Danial. Danial prayed and worshiped God even when He knew if he was caught he would be thrown to the lions. Even after Danial was caught, Danial stayed faithful to God and God protected him by sending angles to hold the lions mouths shut. God honored Danial because Danial feared the Lord. Danial did not let anyone or anything keep him away from praising his Father.We should be more like Danial...We should not let anything or anyone tear us a part from our Father.

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