God has done so many amazing things for me over the past few months! I am sorry for not writing lately, I have no excuse and I apologize.

These past months I have made so many friends. They have made me feel so special and so loved because they want to be around me. I Love being surrounded by people who see the true person you are. They do not judge and they do not just look on the outside, but they look at who you are on the inside. I needed this since I had to leave my other wonderful friends back home. Sometimes my friends from home get to come with my mom to visit me here and that always makes me feel special and it makes my day!

I truly have to say that I have laughed more these past few months than I have in the last 8 years of my life combined. There is one really special person who contributes to most of the laughs. I met him at the beginning of school when I went to an event called Paint Wars. He had Elmo written on his arm in red paint and I thought it was so awesome that I took a picture. We became Facebook friends because he wanted the picture for his profile pic. After this, we became good friends and I am really glad we did because he was ALWAYS making me laugh.

About a month ago, I began to fall for this guy and I soon  found out that he was also falling for me! Last week he came home with me for Fall break and he asked my father if he could date me, and of course, my dad said yes. I am pretty sure my mother was the most excited person (other than me) in my family because my mom already loved him; she tells me everyday. Lol! Mom is just so happy to see me happy. . . . .it has been such a long time coming after being through so many hard times over these past 8 years!

I have come to the conclusion that laughter truly is the best medicine. God blessed me with an abundance of laughter when he brought Christian to me for an amazing boyfriend! Now, I am not saying he is perfect and we all know that I am not perfect either, but Christian is sweet, kind, funny, thoughtful and considerate. I am so thankful for all that Jesus has given me! I could not ask for anything better!

I have found that when we submit ourselves to the Lord and stay true to His ways, He will bless us beyond measure! Not always in the time frame that we want, but in His time. Now, other than my boyfriend, I have been blessed with some other amazing friends as well! One of my wonderful new friends, Ana, is also so funny and sweet. I met her at the gym one day after class and we became friends almost instantly. It is sad that we are in only one class together, but the good thing is, that class is my favorite class. Ana, my roommate, and I make that class so much fun! I also go to Zumba with Ana, and all I can say is that she keeps me laughing. We just look at each other trying to zumba and we bust a gut looking at each other being crazy. She also speaks fluent Spanish so I have an opportunity to learn how to speak Spanish when I am with her.

My roommate is another Blessing! Some of the most amazing moments are when I walk into the room and I see my roommate yelling at the computer screen because something is happening in her favorite show. There are even times when her fear of spiders makes me laugh because if she sees a spider, she will jump across the hall; throwing her books in every direction. Alex is always there for me when I need her, and even though we do not hang out all the time, we get along really well and I am honored to be her roommate!

I think mom has been going through withdraws these past few months because everyday when I talk to her she tells me how much she misses me. I love my mommy so much and I am blessed to have her as my mother! I love having my mom come see me and I miss her so much as well. Yes, we still have our differences, but we are so thankful to have each other! I love my school, my friends both old and new, and I love that God is using me for His glory!

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