It's amazing how much we take for granted. Here in Honduras I have seen how selfish I am. I saw how at home I always complained and begged for things I wanted, but here, everyone I see is grateful for everything and anything they get.
Today we went to church that is really in the middle of nowhere and I got to see the blessings that have been placed on that church and it's community. They have a church that people can come and hear the gospel, a great preacher who cares so much for the people in his community, a feeding kitchen that feeds about 50 kids, and beautiful surroundings displaying God's wonderful creation!
As we sat in church this morning, the preacher was sharing that he was going to Nicaragua to preach to some men and he would be walking 5 kilometers to meet these men. He also invited anyone who would like to go on this great journey to join him and help him share the word of the Lord. 

This evening after lunch we went to a church in the valley where it was about 100 degrees. While we were there, the kids got to see us Americans try to speak Spanish, giving them a good laugh, and we passed out candy and tooth brushes. The greatest blessing I received though was seeing those kids faces light up when we would take a picture of them and show them the picture of themselves. By time we had to get on the van, kids were coming around and giving us big hugs and trying to talk to us...but we did not understand...but one little girl came to me as I was walking to get in the van, and she started saying something I didn't understand, but there was one word I did, and that word was bonita which means beautiful. That one little word made me feel so blessed! 
The other blessing I had today was seeing my hermano, brother, Rene. Steph knew how bad mom and I wanted to see him and she secretly tried so hard to get Philip and Michael to locate him and bring him by the mission. While we were eating lunch, Steph told me she had a surprise for me, and when I saw Rene walk through the door, I got the biggest smile on my face. Rene even got to come to the church with us tonight and we had so much fun! 
I am a truly blessed girl and this is just the first full day here in Honduras, and it is just the beginning of my wonderful 
Journey to what God has for me! 
Pics:  L- Group of kids & R- Little Girl with her new toothbrush 


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