Today is a new day...The sun is out, but the internet is down. Celebrate Recovery tonight, but I have to get gas in my car. There are always positive things in our lives, as well as some negative. Today I started my day out negative. I was worried about a friend of mine and I could not get on the internet to see what things were going on in the world. After I decided to have a better attitude and a positive outlook, my day started to brighten up. I got to hear from my friend who lives in Honduras and I was able to go to McDonald's so I could get on the internet.  It is amazing what a change of attitude can do for someone. God has been with me all day. He has taken away the worries I woke up with, as well as the worries of how I was going pay for the gas in my car so I could go to Celebrate Recovery tonight. He blessed me with a sunny day so I could go on a nice walk with my dad and nephew. I could not ask for more than all the great things God has done for me. He always knows how to make me smile and He is always there for me, blessing me and loving me!

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