Yesterday I got to go to Church in Choloteca with the group that is staying here at the mission. It was a great service, but it was REALLY hot!

After we got back from church, I had to fight the thoughts that were bombarding my mind . In my mind Satan was telling me I ate too much, and these people here probably think I am a pig. . . . .but then I remembered that no matter what these people think, I am doing what I need to do and that they don't know my story. God has blessed me with the strength to fight the temptations that Satan keeps pressuring me with. This is huge for me because now I am starting to recognize it for what it really is!

Once we finished lunch, I got to go with some ladies to see their sponsored child. While we were there, I attempted to be a translator, but they all knew I was learning and they didn't tell me one of the guys there understood English. We all started laughing and we even had to bring out the dictionary. We did have fun though and today the boy that is sponsored came and sat with me at school for a little while. He played with my iPod and I tried to help him figure out the bubble popping game. He ended up making the top 10 list, but that's probably because he is the only one that has played it.

Later on in the day yesterday, I got to take a whole group of people out and show them around San Marcos. We had a lot of fun and I felt important because I was the tour guide!

Today I shared my testimony with a couple of ladies in the group and I found that each time I tell it, I get more of a passion for sharing my story and helping others who may be going through a hard time. At one point in the process, I could not share my testimony because at times it made me want my eating disorder back! I am so glad that now I am free from that!

I am blessed to be here and even though today has not been the greatest, God is still doing great things!

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