August 22nd

          WOW, I am truly blessed to be here at Toccoa Falls College! I could not ask for a better school to be at! The staff and students are all amazing and the best part is, I don’t feel like a number.

          I am someone who does not like to be considered just a number. I have ADD and I need to be able to connect and interact with those around me and be able to know my teachers and them know who I am. Here everyone is so sweet and kind. The teachers stress the point that they are here to help and they want to get to know you personally. Not many schools, let alone colleges have a staff that care so much about the students.  The teachers here even give the students their house numbers as well as their cell phone numbers on the first day of classes.

          I know I am at the right school because I feel such a peace here. I feel so much joy in my heart when I look around and see God’s wonderful creation. Toccoa Falls campus is one of the most beautiful campuses ever! Knowing I can go and study next to a waterfall anytime I want is amazing!!

          Toccoa Falls College was established by Faith. A man named Richard Forrest started Toccoa with no money in his pocket except for a ten dollar bill. He had no way to get any more money, but he knew the Lord was leading Him to start a Christian school. Richard Forrest worked completely in Faith; trusting that God would provide. Rev. Forrest had to go through some trials during his years, but he always managed to stand firm in his Faith. Toccoa has faced fires and floods, but has managed to rise against the horrible things that have tried to knock it down.

          God has blessed Toccoa Falls because Rev. Forrest was Faithful to Him. Even though Rev. Forrest is not here physically, the school still carries his Faith and the Faith on which it was built.

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