I have seen so much love here in Honduras! The way I am accepted here is beyond anything I could imagine. I do have to say. . . The love I feel here is kinda like the love I felt when I started going to Sugar Creek Baptist Church (and still do), but here there are more people. . . Lol

This past week I have realized something that my momma always told me but I refused to believe. Satan likes to take things you struggle with and attack you! ! ! Why did I wait so long to realize this? Why did my common sense never kick in?
I think it's probably because I didn't want to believe the truth... Even though the truth was better than the lie I was believing.

A few days ago, my whole world turned upside down. I called my mom and was telling her about my day, when all the sudden, I told my mom I had lost weight. I knew my mom would probably be upset with me, but when she began to speak my heart sank. My mom told me she was proud of me but right now she was very disappointed. Those few words tore me to pieces. I could not think straight. Everything I felt before disappeared. I was numb. My joy faded into deep sorrow. I could not handle the thought that my mom was disappointed in me.

The next day I began to see Satan trying to work his magic with me. I would look in the mirror and feel like I was getting big, but that's when I realized Satan was attacking me. He knew I was weak, but the Lord protected me. He reminded me of the truth. That night I went and gave my testimony. I sang a song that I had never sung before, but it related to my testimony and my life. The song was called "Shine" and it was written by a godly man who listened to the Lord and wrote what he felt the Lord was telling him to write.

After I decided to stand by God and show Satan he was not gonna win, my joy began to creep back! I talked to my mom and we worked everything out from the day before. I began to believe everything was gonna be ok because with God on my side what can Satan do to me?

Now for Part Two!

I have had a difficult night tonight. There is no way I can beat around the bush with it. I am just going to let everyone know what has been tugging at me. Some may think I am crazy and cant move on in life, but truth is, what I am about to tell you is just something I am dealing with and seeking God in.

Tonight the high school was having a singing competition among the students. There was a band playing and boys and girls would sing their songs the best they could with all their heart. The moment the competition started I began to see one person in my mind. He was very special to me a few months ago and well truth is, he still is in my heart. When I heard the band playing the songs, I searched my mind, wondering what I should do. I was drowning in memories that I would not have again. I began thinking about the broken heart I got four months ago. I was thinking about the questions I have been asked here in Honduras about why I do not have a boyfriend and the answers I have had to give. After about 5 minutes I knew what I had to do; I needed to step out and pray to my heavenly Father. I needed to seek Him and Him alone. Most my life I would go to my mom when I was having trouble, and even though she crossed my mind, I knew God was the one I should go to and He was the only one that could give me comfort.

I finally left the auditorium and went off by myself and prayed. I talked to the Lord as I would to anyone, sharing my heart and my feelings. Asking Him why am I struggling? Why won't You take these feelings away? I began to look for a passage to read in my bible and the one that I really focused on was Psalm 71. It gave me peace and I when I was done talking to the Lord, I was able to go back in the auditorium and finish sitting through the competition that I could not handle 15 minutes earlier. God is good and He is working in me. He is teaching me, He is loving me, and He is 

Seek first the Lord because He is the only one who can give you true peace and comfort!
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