We all go through trials. Some may be different than others, but whatever the trials are, we can overcome them with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ!

          I want to share about something that happened to me Sunday, September 4th. As I was driving back to school from a wonderful weekend with my family, I began to think about something my mother told me earlier that day after we got back from church. My mother told me that I had to give everything to God and I had to let Him take control. At the moment she was telling me this, I was going through some major emotions, so I really didn’t make much of what she was saying because all I just wanted to do was be alone.

          During my ride home, I began to feel convicted because I was not letting God take full control. So once I was about 25 miles from Toccoa, I began to just pray to God and have a conversation with Him, just as if He was right there sitting in the seat next to me. I began apologizing and asking God to forgive me for not waiting on Him and letting my selfish ways take control.

          Once I got back to school. I felt amazing. I began to feel happiness and joy because I had my faith in Christ and I knew He was going to take care of me. I decided to let Him lead my life and allow Him to bring me the person He has for me. I always tried to seek out the one I thought God had for me, but now I put my trust in God that He will bring that person to me without me trying to search him out.

          So as you can see, relationships were the trials I was going through that day. I saw someone I cared for, but knew they did not care for me. Yes, it was hard and I was sad, but I have to remember God has a plan and though I do not know what that plan is, I know God has something great in-store for me!

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