July 29, 2011
Today is Friday and it seems calm and quiet. In my body I feel like all my worries are gone and have disappeared. When I was talking to my mother on the computer today, something about me was different. It was a good something, but I felt kind of weird. 
Today my mom and the band are going down to Florida for a Battle of the Bands concert. While they were all together I told my mom to tell everyone hey for me and that I loved them. As she did she would fill me in all the things going on with the band and how everybody was doing. While she was telling me this stuff she was giving me some good news that she found comfort in. It was good news because she there were some fears she has had over the past few months. During that time I felt led to tell my mom that everything is going to be ok and that God knows what He is doing. He has a plan so don’t worry about it! 
That one statement right there is what caused me to feel that strange feeling. I was not worried, I felt like there was nothing on my shoulders. I never knew what it would feel like to not have any burdens on my shoulders, but as I sit here and write this, I am recognizing that I never knew what it felt like because I never really had given my burdens to Christ and let Him take full control. 
I am so glad I was able to recognize that feeling today because I can now see how God works when we give full control over to Him. Today I did not feel like I had to feel a certain way when I heard the news my mom was giving me. I didn’t feel all the pressure I have felt the past few years. I felt calm and relaxed, I knew God had everything under control and I that must stay true to Him  and His ways because I want the life God has planned for me; The life I cannot imagine in my mind, but God can lead me too!

I would also like to share in todays blog an amazing blessing God has bestowed upon me. Two days ago, I got an email revealing the person I would be living with this next year at school. I was so excited that I could finally try and get to know this person and see what she is like. 
Yesterday I ended up texting this girl who is supposed to be my roommate. When she texted back my heart jumped for Joy!!! We ended up texting and talking the whole day. We have a lot in common and I feel we will get along just great!!! God does answer prayer because I know my momma was praying for this girl who is to be my roommate because she is just as sweet and loving as can be. I cannot wait to get to meet her and I know God put us in  the same room for a reason because I was not her first roommate. Her original roommate she had gotten four days earlier was moved to the other dorm building. She did not know if she was gonna have a roommate and neither did I. When I did not hear anything about who I would be rooming with, I had my mom call the school to see what was going on. Yesterday this girl told me she had to do the same thing; she had to call the school as well. So low and behold we were put together. I am so glad I have a loving God who cares for His children!!! 

So the last thing I wanna leave you with is this: Let God take control and follow His ways! He WILL guide you and all you have to do is obey! The Lord takes care of those who Love Him! Don’t try to take control of your own life because God has something so much better in-store for you!!

God bless,
~Chelsea Stacy~

Part Two
July 31, 2011
Yesterday was a very interesting day. The Tyson family and I went to Cholutecca to get groceries for the Tyson house. While we were headed to Cholutecca, we got a call that Lidia, a translator here had her baby. We were all excited and we found out she had a precious little girl. When we got to Cholutecca we went to go and eat at Pizza Hut. I knew I could not eat the pizza, but last time I ate the salad bar and did fine so I figured I would be fine this time too. By time we were done eating I began to feel a little sick. I though it might just be because I ate too much or I was just a little car sick from all the curves we went around on our way up there. 
After we were done shopping and headed back to Comali, I really began to feel sick. Again I thought it must be the car ride, but when the feeling did not go away later that evening after I ate dinner, I knew I had probably gotten some gluten when we went to eat at Pizza Hut. (funny side note.....I found out mom got sick from eating salad at pizza hut the day before too! Neither of us knew the other had gone to a pizza hut!)
I ended up texting my mom because I just needed to talk to her. I felt horrible. She told me to try laying down and pretend she was there rubbing her fingers through my hair like she would do if I was home, but the pain only began to increase. I finally wrote my mom and told her I needed her to pray for me. She wrote me back with a prayer, and after I read it I was able to lay down. I was hoping maybe if I rested I would feel better. 
You want to know how great and powerful God is and how wonderful prayer is? Not even an hour after my mom prayed for me the pain went away. It was a miracle because all the pain I felt an hour before was completely gone. I knew that God heard my mom’s prayer!
Yesterday I struggled a little bit. I did not read my bible and I felt horrible the whole day because I knew I had not read God’s word. When I started feeling bad, the first thing I thought about was not reading my bible that day. I have been here six weeks and the Lord has watched over me and protected me from sickness, but yesterday I did not do what I should have done. I was trying to do what I wanted to do and I knew it. I am glad God woke me up by allowing me to be sick, because I don’t want to do things my way anymore. I want to do things God’s way. In the Lord we find life and healing. When we follow His ways He brings us joy and happiness. When we follow our own ways we find pain and misery. Sometimes God has to wake us up and remind us through pain and misery that we need to let Him take complete control. I am glad that I am at a point were I can realize why I felt like I did and what I was doing because before I came to Honduras I would not have figured it was God getting my attention, but that it was nothing but a stomach bug and I would not have done anything to change what I was doing or even recognized what I was doing; that I was not letting God take full control. 
Satan will try to weasel his way into our minds any way he can, but we have to make sure we have a strong relationship with Christ so we can recognize when Satan is sneaking around and we can understand the warnings God is sending us. 
Our relationship with God can only become as strong as we let it. A relationship takes two people. We have to work to build our relationship with Christ just as He is working to build His relationship with all His children! Relationships take work but that is what makes the relationship strong! Build your relationship with God and continue to let it grow stronger by seeking Him and His word!-- 

God bless,
~Chelsea Stacy~

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