Life is full of uncertainty. We never know what is going to happen. We can always make plans, but not everything we plan comes to pass. The lord is the only one who knows our future. His plan is more amazing than anything we can imagine!
In my life right now,I am going through the tough thought of why me??? Why do I have to go through this??? What did I do to deserve this??? But the thing is, only God knows! No matter how hard I try to figure it out... I still wont know the purpose until the Lord shows it to me. The lord does everything for a reason and His plan will come to pass! Even though I do not know why my life is going like it is... I know it will get better! God has something amazing planned for me! He has something amazing in store  for everyone, especially the people Satan is trying to destroy. We can not let Satan take our life and our future! We must wait and trust in the Lord!!!!

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