A couple nights ago I struggled with my body image. I was getting ready for bed and I saw the way my body looked in the mirror. I was shocked...I did not think I was that fat...I mean....I am not fat, but I have gained a little bit in my tummy. I understand that that is normal in life and that it can be fixed without worry, but my mind last night went into disarray. 

   This morning when I woke up, I kept thinking that I wish what I saw was just in a dream, but I knew it was not. I wanted to control all I ate and work out a lot, but then I remembered what my mom would tell me....she would say, "Chelsea, Satan is trying to destroy the wonderful plans God has for you."

   God blessed me with an opportunity last night that I know Satan is trying to keep  me from pursuing and I will not let him. I will not let Satan mess with my mind and make me turn to unhealthy actions because I feel fat...pudgy. I know I just have to trust in God and do his will. I am here for Christ...not for me. God made me beautiful and I do not need society to tell me if I am or not because my father does think I am beautiful and that is all that matters. 

   I have learned that when we do the Lord's will and trust and obey him, he will provide. God has provided me with great friends, a wonderful boyfriend, a Christian school. I don't need societies acceptance... I just need Christ's.

   I am here for just a short time, and I do not need to waste that time worrying about my looks and what people think of me. I am beautifully and wonderfully made. I am intelligent and no one can tell me I am stupid. I am strong, I have Christ on my side.

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