Yesterday was a true blessing for me! Our group went to the little village of Caire where I helped FBCL do a VBS 2 years ago, and when I walked through the doors I heard the kids singing a song I knew. Those kids where singing a song we taught them in VBS 2 years ago...I could not believe they still remembered it because I barely remembered. But knowing they still sang that song with the hand motions included made my heart smile! 

Another blessing I received yesterday was seeing my aunts sponsored little girl, Roxanna. The last time I saw Roxanna was 2 years ago, so I was so glad I got to see her again yesterday. 

Once we were done feeding the kids in the Caire feeding kitchen, Mrs. Joan took the group to go and look at some houses that needed some repairing. The first house we looked at was Roxanna's grandparents. Funny thing was, we did not know it was her grandparents until we saw Roxanna's mom. The grandmother who lives in the house has horrible varicose veins; as well as severe psoriasis. The grandfather in the house has a hernia in his back that keeps him in pain so it is hard for him to work like he wants.
After we talked to the couple for a bit, Mrs. Joan went off with the grandmother and Mario went and prayed with the grandfather, and a true blessing happened, both the grandmother and the grandfather got saved. 

While Mrs. Joan was still talking and praying with the grandmother, a lady in our group asked about Roxanna's house. Roxanna's mother took some of us to go and see it and when we got there, we could not believe what we saw. Roxanna's house was wrapped in plastic, its door was not attached, they had a home that was cold at night because the don't really have any doors or window, and they have very little room for their family. ( Two parents, a 6 year old, and a 7 month old. I have seen some rough houses, but this house really mad my heart break. My mom even had tears in her eyes. 

When we were leaving Caire on our way to San Francisco, we got news that a little girl's leg had been hit my a motorcycle that had wrecked and she was being rushed to the hospital because her leg needed to be operated on ASAP. We ended up going to Comoli where the accident happened and talked a guy who works with the mission. While Mrs. Joan was discussing what happened, the group went ahead and passed out the food the kids have been waiting patiently for.

That little girl who got hit was on her way to the churches feeding kitchen when the accident happened. We all pray she will be ok and that she will be back home soon. Everyone else in the accident was ok. They were able to get up and move 

Later that afternoon, one of our group members got to speak to the basketball team at the high school. He was sharing with them how good grades come with playing sports and how if their grades drop then they may not be able to play. After the meeting though we did get to see the students play a little basketball and I believe the players will take what Mr. Davis said to heart. 

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