August 3, 2011

Yesterday was an adventure. I went to help preach the gospel with the group that came down this week. I ended up being put in a team that could only find the people who were Catholic. We spent a lot of time explaining  the truth about the bible and how you are not saved just because you are baptized as a baby. This is what many of them believe. Salvation is not found in the act of being baptized, it is only found in the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior in which you recognize sin as sin and turning from it.! Baptism is the outward acknowledgement and act of obedience to God's Word! The great thing was, we had 6 to 8 people that my group met with get saved! A lot of people said they were not ready and they would wait for another time, but I know they were convicted just by seeing their facial expressions when we left. I think we also made some people mad, but all we did was tell the truth about God and share the Gospel. It is their choice if they get mad because we as Christians did our part.

We cannot please everyone in the world. There will be people who disagree with what we say and feel that we are wrong. They only know what they have been taught at church and believe it is right, even if it is not in the Bible. Christ told us to go out into the world and preach the gospel. That is our job as Christians, but once we share the gospel, it is up to the individuals to accept what we say; we have to leave it in God’s hands. The seed has been planted and God will bring the person to water and to harvest!

Sometimes I don’t understand how a person could not see the greatness of God and how simple it is to accept Him in their heart. Christ died for our sins so we would not have to. He wanted to make a way for us to have eternal life in Heaven.  Christ did the work, all you have to do is repent, ask Jesus into your heart, and believe in Him. It could not be any simpler! 

Don’t let the world tell you whats right, but seek what the Bible says. The Bible is God’s letter of instruction, encouragement, and of what is to come. There is nothing false in there, everything in the Bible is 100% true. It can tell you what is truly right and wrong. I encourage you to seek for the answers you look for in the Word of God

God bless,
~Chelsea Stacy~

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