The past few days, God has been showing me some stuff. First, He showed me I must forgive, even when I am hurt. We always think we forgive someone if we say I forgive you, but are we really forgiving them? When we get hurt, we get bitter. If you truly forgive someone...that bitterness should be gone. I have said I forgave someone but was still bitter towards them...hurting myself and those around me. But when I forgave them and the bitterness left....I was able to be at peace and love those around me...(We are our own worst enemies)....God told us to forgive for a reason...because forgiveness is what brings peace among people and allows Christ to forgive us.
The second thing He showed me was: Talk things out in person. Most people today use technology to communicate, but sometimes it ends up making things worse. When we text, we sometimes misunderstand what is being written. We don't know what the attitude is of the person we are writing....We don't know if they are joking or being serious...We don't know if what we said was taken right or if it was misinterpreted. 
I have been trying to get with the people I need to have a serious conversation with because I want to make sure they know what I am talking about and how I feel. 
The Lord has blessed me with amazing people and I don't want technology to get in the way of my relationship with them.

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