God does everything for a reason. This weekend I went to Nashville, TN for the AACC conference. While I was there, I met some ladies who were working in the Remuda Ranch booth. I went to that booth because I went to Remuda Ranch 4 years ago for anorexia. I was interested in meeting these people who were affiliated with Remuda, and wow, I was surly blessed! 
As I was sharing with one of the lady about how I attended Remuda when I was 13, she began to become engaged in what I was saying. I told her how I found out about Remuda, from my therapist at Mana, and she turned to a lady standing by and asked if she knew someone from Mana. This lady told her that she had a really good friend who worked at Mana, and while I was standing there, we realized her friend was the therapist I had during my battle with anorexia. We were both totally amazed and she gave me her information so I could contact her and then contact my old therapist whose office had moved and I could not find to share about my new life. 
Another blessing I got was, The lady who knew my old therapist was a psychologist in Atlanta. She thought it was amazing I shared my testimony with people and she gave me two books, that were $17.00 a piece, for free so I could give one to someone I felt needed it or to use as I please. I thought that was a blessing and when she gave me those books, I knew exactly who I wanted to send one of them to. 
God used my past for good and even though I relapsed after Remuda, it still was a blessing in my life. It kept me alive at the time and it gave me a door to meet some amazing people there at the conference. I also got a book that I could give a girl I knew who was struggling with bulimia. God wanted me at that conference for a reason, and maybe that reason was to meet those people from Remuda.

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