Sometimes I don’t know what is going on….I get so confused and when I talk I make others confused as well. Sometimes I don’t understand life….Why do I still care for Caleb? Why do I miss home so much? Why do I not feel beautiful? These are all questions I ask myself, but I don’t have an answer to.

          We all have our ups and downs, but that is life. We may not like it, and we may feel sad at times, bur God has a plan. Trust in the Lord, don’t try to take things into your own hands because it will just lead to disaster, if not at the moment, it will later.

          Time is something we all must face. In the moment, time seems slow, but then when we look back, we notice that the time seems to be flying by. Why do we look at time as something to dread? We must look at the positives of time. We must focus on what we will learn in the time we are waiting, what amazing miracles we will witness, and all the blessings we will receive by being Faithful to God.

          Don’t let Satan’s lies bring you down or turn you away from the amazing things God has in-store for you. It is our choice to choose if we want to listen to the lies of Satan or stay true to God’s will for our lives.

          My life has not been perfect, but the Lord has used my wrong choices for good. I wish I did not have to go through all the pain I have encountered, but I have a God that is loving and He has lead me to help others with what I myself had to deal with. He is using my past for His glory. He has given me a testimony that will reach millions because I am here to share it with the world. God saved my life and I will not let my fears of talking to people get in the way of sharing the miracles Christ has done in my life. I love God and I am not here for myself, but I am here to lift up the name of my Heavenly Father!!!!

          One thing I have always been afraid to do was sing in front of people. I always feel I am gonna mess up and people will laugh at me, but the thing is, if I am singing to the Lord I should not be afraid because the Lord loves for us to sing praises to Him. He does not judge us on how we sound; He just wants us to lift up our voice to Him. The world tries judge people on everything, but are we gonna let the world rule our lives? Are we gonna sit and let the world bring us misery? The world is a war zone. We fight to please people, and really, the only one we should be trying to please is our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ. We should try to be ourselves because we were all made special. God made us all unique. He made us in His image. So don’t try and let the world convince you that you are not good enough or pretty enough because God made you just the way He wanted you. It is only God’s opinion we should worry about, not the worlds.

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